The Best Styled Stock Photography Sites for Your Business

The Best Styled Stock Photography Sites for Your Business!

Do you struggle coming up with images for your social media posts? And do you wonder where everyone gets their pretty images? And most of all, do you wonder how they have the time to create those beautiful images while running a business too? Custom photography is great and will give you a lot of images that are custom tailored to your brand, however it can be very expensive.

Most clients that I work with are not creating their own images, but are using styled stock images. There are many sites out there that offer very pretty, feminine stock images that you can use to match your brand. If you’re looking for high quality feminine stock images that look great together, below is a list of my favorite sites that I use or my clients use to make their brands look amazing! They all have images that you can use to showcase your products (think product mockups where you can insert your invitation design, mug design, and art prints as well as tech mockups like ipads, phones, and computers where you can insert screenshots of your website or your product on your website) to make your products and brand look great! (Pro Tip: If you want to try any of these out before purchasing a subscription, sign up for their newsletters, as they often give you a few free stock photos when you sign up!)

Once you have a subscription or some stock images that you can work with, it is easy to bring them together to create a cohesive brand while looking great everywhere your clients see you!

Haute Stock

I subscribe to this for my own social media images and I love this one! The images are beautiful and they have a wide variety of images that I can choose from. They have recently updated their site and it is awesome! There is a search function which makes it so easy to find what I am looking for without having to scroll through each collection of images. They add new images twice a month, and if you have a subscription, you are getting access to over 2000 images that you can use on so many things...your social media, on your blog, or on your printed material. I can highly recommend Haute Stock!

Kate Max Stock

I love all of Kate Max’s images too. Their images are soft and feminine and are perfect for any woman-owned business. They add over 30 images each month, and you have access to all of their images when you purchase a subscription. And if you’re a social media manager or web designer, you can now sign up for a “Client Manager Plan” where you can use their images for multiple clients. Most of these stock sites only allow you to use the images for your own brand and not for anybody else, so this is a great option for those of you who want to choose images for your clients!

Stock Gallery

The Stock Gallery is a collection of images from many different photographers who contribute to the site, whereas the others are usually done by one photographer. That means that you have the option of different styles and their collections include travel pictures, food, lifestyle, home and business. Great site if you’re looking for variety.

SC Stockshop

The original styled stock site. They have beautiful photos that you can use to create your brand and you can use them for so many things. I use their photos on my website and printed materials. The images are huge as well, so one image can go a long way. You can crop it in different ways, so that your images look different but still have the same feel. They offer tutorials on their website on how to use their styled stock as well as examples of brands that have used their images successfully. This site is different in that these images are not part of a subscription, but you purchase each image as part of a set or individually. They have recently opened up another site that is a subscription site called Social Squares. I have not yet had a chance to peek into that site, but if they are associated with SC Stockshop, I’m pretty sure the images are amazing!

Once you have a subscription or some stock images that you can work with, it is easy to bring them together to create a cohesive brand while looking great everywhere your clients see you!